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Investments – Smith Robinson & Co


Why do I need to invest?

If you’re looking to give your savings a chance to grow over the medium to long term, investments provide a real opportunity for this. If you keep all on your money in bank accounts which are related to interest rates, there’s a good chance that you’re actually devaluing its real spending power. This is because the cost of living (inflation), is often higher than the interest your receiving. So as the cost of bread, milk and everything else goes up from year to year, you’ll actually be able to buy less of it. Investments provide a chance for your money to grow over and above inflation by spreading your money into other assets. The main four assets are:

A good investment will be spread across these areas and invested around the globe to seek out growth opportunities. There are several types of investments depending on what you’re wanting to save for.


An Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a tax efficient way of saving money. You are allowed to invest in both cash and investment up to your annual ISA limit. Any interest you receive on cash or growth you receive on investments, won’t be subject to tax, as they are outside of an ISA. ISA’s are used for many savings objectives. Holidays New Car Home Renovation School Fee’s To pay off a mortgage or just savings for a rainy day.

Investment Trusts

Investment Trusts provide you with the opportunity to invest in the stock market without having to make the decisions yourself. You buy shares in a Investment Trust who subsequently buys share of companies around the world. The value of your investment will depend on the performance, and ultimately the supply and demand for shares in the Investment Trust company itself. These are often called ‘closed ended’ as there is a limited supply of shares and are therefore not always open to investment.

Unit Trust

These offer the opportunity to invest in the stock market by pooling your money with lots of other investors. The fund is run by one or a number of fund managers who will use your money to invest directly in different asset classes. The performance of your investment will be directly affected by the investments the fund has within it. These types of funds are known as ‘Open Ended’, meaning there is not limit to the number of investor who can by shares. The funds often grow to billions of pounds in value and can therefore attract some of the best fund manager talent to run them. Investments can go down as well as up. It’s recommended you invest in the stock market with an investment time-frame of 5 years and above to ride out shorter term volatility.

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