Relevant Life Cover

  • Relevant Life Policies are a cost-effective alternative or ‘top-up’ to group death in service benefit.

    Many companies offer their employees a ‘death in service’ benefit, paying the employee’s family a lump sum if they die while they’re employed. However, this kind of benefit doesn’t suit every company.

    • It’s not normally available to companies with fewer than five employees
    • It’s arranged on a group basis which makes it harder to tailor benefits to suit your most valuable people
    • It may not suit everybody either, high earners with large pension pots can find it takes them over their Lifetime Allowance

    There is however a tax-efficient and cost-effective alternative for both you and your employees. Save nearly 50% tax (compared to an ordinary life policy) and reward your people with discounts and rewards that help them lead a healthy lifestyle when you take out a Relevant Life Policy.